Christmas Wine Toys – These are a few of my favorite things!

I’m seeing many lists from writers regarding wine related gifts for the holidays, but as I peruse these various lists of items, that I may want to add to a future wish list, all I can think of is how the best gift is the thing you, yourself would treasure. With that in mind, my list is my favorite items that are used often in my house.

The first item I use almost daily, is the Capabunga. I love to have these handy to just pop onto my open bottle as soon as I pour a glass. In my home, I usually enjoy a glass of wine that my husband may not adore, so I have no intention of finishing the bottle…can’t say it’s never happened, though. I’ve used many wine closure products, but these have become my favorite. These wine bottle closures come with a variety of logos, but they do accept custom orders as well. They have closures & other items for your wine needs. Enjoy checking out your options!

Capabunga photoCapabubbles

With multiple Wine Aerators on the market, I’ve found that this is the one I prefer when I chose not to pull out my decanter. The Soiree is nice to have around when you need it! I’ve found the Soiree is not only great in function, but the least drip from some of the other products I have used in the past. These are available on Amazon as well as well as their website.

Soiree Wine Aerator Soiree Wine Aerator in use

The world looks better through good glasses and a favorite stem of mine is called, The One. Available for white and red wines, these are great glasses when you do not want to have a huge variety of glasses, but understand there is a need for a type of glass to enhance your wine tasting experience. I would purchase both varieties of these beautiful stems to have on hand.

The One

The final item is something that has been on my wish list for awhile. I decided that passing my level 2 sommelier certification was a great excuse to get myself this gift for Christmas. Sonoma Champagne Sabres have beautiful saber options as well as great customer service with quick shipping. I am so excited to open this gift!

Sonoma Champagne Sabers

Happy shopping, wish list building, or gift giving!




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