About Me

My name is, Sabrina Silva…I am a wine lover & explorer in most all moments I can savor in the 48 hours we’re blessed to get on the weekends. Well, during the week too when I can fit it in. I’ve assisted in local wine events for over 15 years with such items as organizing, wine education, wine service, social media marketing & occasionally assisting with cooking as well as menu planning. Crafting cocktails & teaching others how easy it can be is a passion that I am beginning to share in class settings.

I enjoy discovering new wines, new wineries & exploring the bountiful food options that can be shared with these libations. Every piece of the wine puzzle is a wonderful adventure! I enjoy discovering places to share with others that will transport one on a mini vacation or a much needed long hideaway.

I am certified as a level 2 sommelier & though I’m not currently in the field at this time, I’m enjoying learning so that I may go after my advanced certification. There is nothing I enjoy more than finding a person that says they don’t like wine & introducing them to one they will later call their first love. I believe that no mater your taste there is a wine for everyone to enjoy!

I have been working on a book about wine varieties that will hopefully be released in the upcoming year. After all, I’m a bit of a triple checker in the research department & new discoveries are made more often then I assumed. Keeps me laughing.

Cheers to many adventures in a glass!


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