2011 Ilocki Podrumi Grasevina

Pronounced more like Ilochkey Podumi Grashevina, this beautiful white wine found me craving something new. This was one of the few souvenirs of the vine I brought back from Croatia and wish I had more of.

Upon first exploration danced with banana hints playing dress up in citrus on the nose. Bright acidity similar to a sauvignon blanc (since people keep asking, “what’s it like”). Young mango and guava on the palate. Perfect sunny sipper!
As I let the air begin to influence the glass this wine opens settling into grapefruit and papaya notes throughout. Sunshine brightens every cell within me as this vino drips through my veins. Happy wine discoveries!

Cheers to traveling in a glass!

2011 Pulpit Rock Chenin Blanc

A few years ago, I tried out a company that would send me a mixed case of wine every few months. As I found my storage dwindling I had to cancel & focus on what was already abounding. However, I enjoy nothing more than trying new things in life as well as learning new things. For me, part of the joy in a glass is the fresh discovery, taste, story of the memory & the moment.

This was a bottle that I was glad to discover in that time period. This brilliant Chenin Blanc from Swartland South Africa was a lovely summer daisy yellow. Myer lemon & pineapple twist around my palate in a gentle tug of war between citrus zing with nods toward tropical relaxation. Generously balanced wine with hints of white peach reminding me of gentle breeze caressing my bright orange calla lilies in the back yard.

Cheers to back yard sipping!

Wine Tasting Note Comedy

Sorry ya’ll, but I am laughing out loud at some old tasting notes and thought is appropriate to share. I will not share my photo or the winery name, but I know I do not want to try this wine again. LOL!!!

I will, however, share that this was a 2009 Mendocino Coast Chardonnay, from not going to tell you anyway. Tasting note reads:

“This chardonnay tasted pungent & acidic…funky nose. Not the good kind of funky. Aromas of asparagus pee & lemons turning past prime. Besides turning my stomach with the unpleasant lingering on my palate, this could be a headache creator for sure. Kindly, it just may be past prime. After letting this one breath…gasp, it needs some air damn it! The aromas open up to delicious lemon curd. Still overall unpleasant flavors. Two days later this wine had opened up with hints of caramel & lemon. Still not my style, but more palatable. As it opens up to a cool room temperature the palate balances out.”

I think that was a wine style #fail for me!

Tomić Prošek Hektorović – another wine bar find from Croatia

This lovely little gem for the husband was from the island of Havar, mid & southern Dalmatia, Croatia.
This was a sweet wine produced from plavac mali grapes.

Rich dark colors of honey that appear as fresh melted gold. Sweetened golden raisin aromas with caramel brulee rising from the glass, then carry on that conversation to the palate. 

Should you have a chance to travel to Croatia this is worth hunting down for your sweet tooth needs!

If you want to read more about the lovely little wine bar in Split, Croatia read: https://gotchabythegrapes.com/?p=516




2011 Korta Katrina Posip

While traveling to Croatia a few years back, my husband and I decided to travel the town less like tourists and more like locals. So after our grocery stops and mall romping we discovered a lovely wine and cheese bar called Paradox. If you happen to be in Split, this tasty stop is located in the heart of town by the theater. I had been in a mood to discover white varietals from the old world so I ordered Posip, pronounced (po-ship) from Korta Katarina Winery. From the menu notes the wine comes from the island of Korcula (kor-chu-la) in southern Dalmatia.
The wine hints to the beautiful Mediterranean climate around it with a lively golden sun-kissed hue with a slight green hint. Upon my aromatic indulgence I was whisked to visions of sunflowers against the back drop of a cloudless blue sky, yet my environment was more blue sky and white beaches. There was a beautiful nuance of grapefruit that danced from nose to brain and palate to bliss intermingled with citrus blossoms.
I tasted a slight kefir lime flavor with a mix of white nectarine as it opened, that drew me to another sip. There was a lovely balance of the brightness in the wine with the notion a enjoying beautifully juicy citrus on a warm day. Juicy in flavor of citrus ripeness, but dry on the palate with a lively zeal for a spring day. Though this was enjoyed at a cheese and wine shop this would’ve been a lovely accompaniment to crab dishes or a beautiful mussel dish with garlic and lemon.
I’ll discuss my husband sweet choice later!