The Perfect Irish Coffee (Sunday)

I know, I know. I have not posted for a minute and if you could just believe me there are some pending drafts I just haven’t finished. I figured the best way to get me back into the writing on this blog habit would be with something that has literally become a tradition in this house. So, the back story bits.

This story began when my friend at Luscious Lushes , Thea, invited me down to San Francisco to meet up at the The Buena Vista for a plane to party welcome for friends arriving from Australia. They had a tradition of visiting around the new year and the prior year the lovely Lil joined us for our annual Post Christmas Mac n Cheesy celebration during her visit (which will hit its ninth-year next weekend). On this occasion we showed up for a little pre coffee visit and then headed to the restaurant which became one of the most memorable times at the location. I will not go into full details of the day into evening to protect the innocent but, there were many Irish Coffee cocktails enjoyed, which the restaurant is famous for. There may have also been a few bottles of bubbles, but it was the perfect way to introduce us to Lil’s gent as fully unfiltered shenanigans. We met our BFFs for the evening that wouldn’t let us leave because no one else walking into the establishment seemed as fun as us, I had to agree on that point. Such conversations during our shared seating began on getting clarity if daddy meant father or who’s your daddy (this kind gentleman did bust out the black card to overflow whiskey, Irish Coffee and other items until late). Then, in a fabulous moment Lil was introduced to twerking via video and at one point Lil joined by yours truly may have twerked along the length of the street from front entry to rest area across the building to prove it could be done. Pretty sure we brought the laughs that make your cheeks hurt from smiling so hard while deliriously happy tears flew from your eyes like confetti, but this I know for sure, twas memorable indeed. After three staff changes, five plus hours of dominating a table and we will not discuss how much of the alcohol liver spanking, the evening came to a close. If I recall, I was hosting the annual Mac n Cheesy party the next day, but don’t worry I know some one that will correct me if I am in error on this detail. Pictures do suggest that is how things slice out, no food pun intended, maybe.

We first learned about these Irish Coffees from a Food Network episode of The Best I Ever Drank I believe, but time and synchronicities, who knows. If you want to learn more feel free to read about it: HERE   We enjoyed the tradition of the Irish Coffee and after entertaining this drink elsewhere we decided The Buena Vista was our favorite, but let’s just say we don’t visit enough or I have a hankering for loving to enjoy something then perfecting it for myself. Whatever the reason, I decided that the Irish Coffee should become a staple for us as Irish Coffee Sunday became a thing of noted tradition in our house. I looked up the recipe for the famous Irish Coffee’s at The Buena Vista and my husband began to craft while I taste tested to discover our perfect happy place sipper. The first detail for us was the glass. Most people visit the restaurant and enjoy a happy dose of three cocktails, give or take a measure or switch up. For that we use large clear coffee mugs that fit the equivalent of three of The Buena Vista glasses so we only need one. The added benefit of this for me also, is when it comes to the one lump or two of sugar being added to the larger drinking vessel it is not as much sugar per ounce, as I’m not too into the sweets. We have been gifted the proper glasses from The Buena Vista for our guests that may not want to commit the way we do in same measure so now there are options. It is fair to say that we have carried on our Irish Coffee Sunday for enough years that we have invited and had others invite themselves over and I must say during an evacuation due to fires at one time, we found it a gift to open our doors to provide a moment of what felt normal to friends in flux and worry.

Now I am sharing the details of what the throw down is here so maybe you too can enjoy an Irish Coffee Tradition so we don’t have all the fun, even though our company is legendary. Sorry, couldn’t help myself and I really did laugh out loud at that because even if I’m not fun to some I am a blast for me! Harnessing squirrels now and on to the details.

To get your glasses ready, fill them with hot water to warm your mugs. Let them sit for a few minutes to get the glass warm and then dump the water or repurpose it for a soup, your choice, just get it outta the glass.

To the base of the glass decide if you are a sweetheart or not and drop in your one lump or two of your sugar cubes of choice.

Now add my favorite bits, the booze. Non-negotiable for us is the Tullamore Dew Whiskey as used at the restaurant and full disclosure, the only thing we use that brand for. In good measure and in a threefold serving size glass add 3 oz (1 oz if you are using the polite sized glasses).

Fill your glass half way with coffee, preferably a medium roast. We use Taylor Lane Sonoma Roast with the occasional spin of Bourbon Barrel Aged coffee found at Prohibition Spirits when you can purchase it solo not with a kit (it is a bit of a spendy coffee, but pretty darn tasty). Stir to dissolve the sugar cube then add more coffee leaving a half inch of space for the cream.

Oh, the cream, this is another taste tested non-negotiable switch we’ve done. Honestly, your house your rules, but we really did the hard work for you so you don’t have to. We use Organic Strauss Family Creamery heavy whipping cream and you can make as much as you want. We have occasionally used some for fruit because breakfast occasionally accompanies Irish Coffee. If you ask my akita the cream is for her and has switched from begging when scooping the last bits out of the bowl to now arriving in the kitchen as soon as she hears the hand-mixer whirl on. We add just a pinch of sugar to the cream and seldom but, occasionally one teaspoon of Bailey’s Irish Cream and then whip to desired consistency.

You can do the pour over the spoon method to add the cream to the remaining space in your glass, but I like the thick fluffy clouds of whipped cream to be spooned into my glass. We occasionally shave some chocolate over the top and now the husband is getting fancy on occasion and cutting out a heart design to sprinkle the chocolate because that is so adorable.

With all that said, thank you for reading and hope to see or hear you enjoying a fantastic Irish Coffee on a Sunday near you!


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