Vegas Uncork’d

What is Vegas Uncork’d, you ask? I have been watching this event since it first began 12 years ago, just wishing, clicking my heels ferociously together in my mind and crossing my fingers. This food extravaganza is sponsored by Bon Appétit in partnership with Visit Las Vegas hosted by some well-known (also, some not as well known) chefs. The event did not disappoint last year when I finally got to attend. The offerings are varied so you could just attend the grand tasting, you could add a fun brunch, a fancy dinner or something with a little more theatrics. Traditionally May is just a difficult month for me to plan. It just seems that there is a lot of items that start dancing onto my calendar in advance, almost like the world is ready to push me into summer socializing early. This is also my favorite time outside of winter to travel, yet I had to block out May in advance just to ensure my dance card would be open.

The event appears to always be around Mother’s Day weekend (thank you Giada for the tip) so bring your mom, celebrate being a mother or tell your mom, “Sorry. I will make it up to you when I get back.” Each year there is a mix of varied lunches, brunches, dinners or occasionally after-hours excitement with beautifully plated food and spectacular libations. Vegas Uncork’d has a plethora of events to schedule from Thursday through Sunday so bring your appetite! The reason I first became interested in this event was because I do not get to travel much, I love to eat and drink my way through Las Vegas and I enjoy a great show. I saw great value in being able to dine at restaurants owned by world renowned chefs with locations in Las Vegas, Nevada. I got to mix this with the option to see great shows while I was on getaway and it seemed the perfect recipe for an over the top experience. I remember one year there was an option to have dinner with Wolf Gang Puck and be able to pick his brain in conversation. I was sad I was not able to schedule that year, but it wasn’t my time. I knew that when I finally attended, I would make the best of it and leave shy Brina at home. Call it, from bucket list to actualized bliss, if you will.

I will offer some pointers based on my first experience. Watch your timing! I chose to attend a brunch then a dinner in one day. I thought I would burst at the seams. I walked as much as humanly possible in between meals just to ensure I would have an appetite at all. I also was mindful to have picked a coursed dinner after a family style brunch to be aware of large portions at all meals. If you can handle anything or do not mind waste, go all out. Speaking of portion control, the grand tasting has probably a hundred or more vendors with some of the most beautiful, fun and enticing bites. Do not be afraid to take a bite, then sadly tossing the remainder. It’s not ideal, but no one wants to enjoy life to the fullest then feel miserable later…wait, it’s Vegas baby. Everything is to the max and past. I just err on the side of comfort, personally. I confess, most breakfast bites for my husband and I while on this vacation, were a bowl of fruit and a bottle of rose. One couple I spoke with had attended for 6 years, never missing an opportunity for a specific dinner and letting their friends know they would catch up to them later. So, if you go as a group, make sure it is enjoyable for everyone, dividing to fit your style is perfectly okay. This event is a blast! However you chose your schedule, I am sure you will enjoy yourself.

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Cameras OUT!
Saber Off success by Chef Masaharu Morimoto

I paid for this event in full and was not provided any extra sponsorship or privileges. Take a peek at this year’s event here:

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