Winter Wine Reads

When the weather gets cooler it beckons you indoors to restore your being. This is a great time to catch up on your joy of reading. You can chose to escape, learn something new or laced in a fresh perspective, or take in moments of beauty to live in. I chose some of my favorite wine reads all for different reasons & hope you find something to enjoy within these pages.

Wineocology by Caitlin Stansbury with Heidi Shink is a breath of fresh air for someone curious about learning how to deeper enjoy wine without wanting to read encyclopedia style. It is written in an approachable & almost playful way that helps a beginner feel comfortable while being a relaxing read for an expert. The book is available through Amazon, but starting on the books website is a great opportunity to learn about the author & her perspective:


The Essence of Wine by Alder Yarrow with Photography by Leigh Beisch has to be one of the most beautiful books I own about wine. The book uses an eloquent journey through your palate in words that enrapture your senses in a beautiful growth of terms from the earth’s bounty. The journey is exquisitely paired with photography that enables you to dive into the pages to take a bite. This book makes a beautiful coffee table book for even your most discerning of friends, should you not keep it for yourself. Available at:

The Essence of Wine

The Essential Guide to Wine by the Wine Folly dynamic duo of Madeline Puckette & Justin Hammack is a great read to dive into wine education with an ample amount of graphics to drive the knowledge deeper for the visual learner. This book has a vibrant & fun appeal that almost makes it feel like a quick read that just jet set you around the world of wine. Whether you read through or use it for reference this is a great gift, travel read, or fireplace bound Sunday sipping book to enjoy. Watch a trailer & purchase a copy here:

The Essential Guide to Wine

The Exes in My IPod by Lisa Mattson was a book that I was glad to have purchased on my IPad before a long flight. It is a wit laced, humorous journey through love & songs on shuffled rotation. Whether you deem this book as a guilty pleasure or a peek into relationship traversal in the modern era it is a must read with a great glass of wine. Available on Amazon:

The Exes in My IPod

Hopefully you get to tuck in some time for yourself to enjoy a glass of wine with the peace of escaping to a hidden journey. Whether you chase lounge read or jet set travel explore pick up a book & view another world through the pages.


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