2011 Pulpit Rock Chenin Blanc

A few years ago, I tried out a company that would send me a mixed case of wine every few months. As I found my storage dwindling I had to cancel & focus on what was already abounding. However, I enjoy nothing more than trying new things in life as well as learning new things. For me, part of the joy in a glass is the fresh discovery, taste, story of the memory & the moment.

This was a bottle that I was glad to discover in that time period. This brilliant Chenin Blanc from Swartland South Africa was a lovely summer daisy yellow. Myer lemon & pineapple twist around my palate in a gentle tug of war between citrus zing with nods toward tropical relaxation. Generously balanced wine with hints of white peach reminding me of gentle breeze caressing my bright orange calla lilies in the back yard.

Cheers to back yard sipping!