Christmas List 2017: Dear Santa

Oh, the joys of Christmas & last-minute shopping! Minds racing furiously for ideas while sending your blood pressure up & making you contemplate your next opportunity for fun in the sun. I have been busy this year with many projects & life hurdles, luckily for you, I stumbled upon some great ideas along the last few months that will make your wine loving person happy.

The first gadget, I might have blown off as just another stopper, but witnessing its use personally changed my mind. The Repour Wine Saver, conveniently available at, is designed for a single bottle use. This wine stopper is designed to absorb the oxygen that likes to alter your wine in the space after you pour a glass & don’t want to commit to the rest of the bottle. So, imagine that amazing wine you put off because you feel like it should be opened on a special occasion, but you really just want a glass now, well every day is a special occasion so open it. Pour your glass, put on the repour & feel confident that you can preserve the wine in that bottle for your next sips.

The 4 – pack would be great for stocking stuffer for $8.99, but for those of us that know the year will hold many bottles in the future you can order a 72 pack for $71.99! There is no reason not to have this item in all your friend’s homes. Because it’s designed for one bottle use, that can be sealed multiple times, you should stock up…which reminds me I need more!

4-Pack of Repour Wine Savers

My second item, is a gorgeous coffee table book that will transport you to the area I’ve called home for around 20 years. The photographic eye of George Rose brings inspiration & depth to simple things that others may overlook. His most recent book, Vineyard Sonoma County has more than 188 pages of gorgeous color images that take my breath away. Considering the recent fires in the area, these images become even more precious to those that have been touched by the experience.

A portion of the proceeds from this book will be going to the Sonoma County Grape Growers Foundation for those workers who have been displaced due to the firestorms. Do a little good & give (or keep) this book available for $80.00 at

Image result for vineyard sonoma county book

My next wino must have, is another recent discovery that I was Wowed by, Wine Nots. This fantastic tablet of pixie dust takes away that red wine lover purple tongue & gets you good night kiss ready. A little effervescent lime hint of flavor that will have everyone wondering how you didn’t look like you spent a moment in your Malbec. These packets of 12 tablets are perfect for stocking stuffers for a convenient price of $12.99 & available at

I’d love to wax poetic, but this is something you may just have to try to believe!

Image result for wine nots

Lastly, but in no way least, is my favorite travel companion other than my husband, The Wine Check! In my travels this year I actually packed my clothes in this handy travel companion on my way to France & then filled it, lovingly with 12 precious gems to bring home. Ok, less the bottle of bubbly in the hotel the night before we left, but it could hold a full case. I love this product! A new gorgeous label design was born after the recent fires in Sonoma & Napa that truly steals my heart, which you can see on the website.

For the price of $70.00 & up you can bring back the bottles that brought great memories during your vacation so that you can share upon your return. This fabu piece of luggage is available on Amazon as well as

Image result for wine checkImage result for wine check

Happy shopping & get your orders in soon so that they come in time for your loved ones. All these item, with the exception of the book can also be found on Amazon.

Happy holidays & cheers to the best wine times ahead!