Vinakoper Sparkling

So when I finished the tour of Vinakoper winery I found myself surrounded by bottles of temptation. If you want to read about the tour check out the link: . These are the tasting notes from the sparkling I bought blind i.e. not tasted at the winery. Consider a blind purchase like a trust them experience or an adventure in a glass. As someone that loves the playful nature of discovery, I found these wines elating as city lights erupting after dusk.

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The first bottle I opened post bath on a relaxing evening in Opatija, Croatia. I would go back just to spend a few days in this beautiful city. The Capris Classic Brut is comprised of 70% Chardonnay & 30% Malvasia. It has aromas of tangerine and citrus blossoms with light honey hues in the glass. The sip finishes cleaned up from the appearance of sweetness and lends a sense of crispness with hints of richness that is perfect for your truffle salted popcorn comedy movie nights. I perfectly enjoyed it with the hillside backdrop of the town alight with occasional house lights and a gentle coastal breeze whispering of relaxation in luxury.

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The second bottle I opened was a week later when the tour guide, my husband and I decided to slip into our hotels lounge in Split, Croatia. We wanted an evening, tasting unique wines we procured on our adventure that we had yet to taste. The Capris Classic Brut Refosk is comprised of 100% Refosk, aka Refosco, and is visually a dark vixen red. It was rich with strong influence of sour cherries that would have tasted amazing with a fabulous Rib-Eye Steak in balsamic reduction. I think I would even enjoy this sparkling with grilled wild duck breast or simply in conclusion of a rich meal.

Cheers to travels through glasses!