Where Has Gotcha by the Grapes Been?! Updates for 2023

Not sure if anyone missed me on here while I was real life doing the things, but here is a brief run down & a promise that I will be back.

Had a few surgeries, some family losses & technical issues causing the need for a new laptop, a new PC (still trying to recover data from) & a big ole external to hopefully not deal with that fun again.

You know stuff happens & we climb out.

The thing that never changed was the fact that I was still crafting epic cocktails, sipping beautiful wines, sharing how-to action with clients, all while enjoying  Sonoma County bounty of beverages, food, friends & views.

Looking forward to showing more people how simple it can be to get kitchen crafty so drinking pretty can be a staple in everyone’s life. Let’s also discuss pairing suggestions I’ve been slaying lately & finally put all these notes I’ve been taking on this happy little online home.

Here is a recent cocktail I crafted with pretty garden gifted garnish. Recipe may be posted later. Stay tuned!

Cheers to the future!


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