Vegas Uncork’d 2019 Day 3 Continued – Going Underground, Mob Style

Last year, when I first decided that I could not let anything get in the way of us going to Vegas Uncork’d we decided to pad the event by a day ahead and a few days later. I had not been to Las Vegas for a few years, choosing to enjoy more international travels, but I could feel the beckoning of this vivacious city calling me back. One of the items we put on our to do list outside of shows and dining was a visit to the Mob Museum. The location is closer to old town, offered a military discount that I could take use of and within the walls contains the fascinating story of the mob, how it began, how it worked, ways they made money in less than legal fashion, historical details and exhibits of items that were around that time. After a few hours watching videos, reading walls, viewing exhibits and learning all my brain could take in before squirrel thoughts need to be chased, we decided to check out the gift shop. As we perused phrases on various magnets or shirts in the gift shop to stock up on, including some books and fun swag, we noticed a sign to a bar called the Underground located down a stairwell. We were told that we could take the elevator down to check it out as part of our tour.

Now I’m not one to turn down too many invites to fun bars, so downstairs we went. The Underground is styled as a Prohibition era speakeasy. With rich red velvet looking walls, a wood bar showing exhibits of items one may run across in that era including a Tommy gun and the fantastic feeling of being tucked away into a secret hidden time, I was sold. To one side you can see the distillery, complete with a working copper still that produces their vodka and moonshine, which we purchased before leaving. You can find stories of bootleggers and those lawmakers that doggedly focused on shutting down operations. After viewing the full scene, we decided it was time to belly up to the bar to enjoy the craft cocktails from the Prohibition era of time and what kind of silly girl would I be if I didn’t try the cocktail called Giggle Water. My husband’s drink was delivered in a hollowed-out book (a Bible with naughty libation twists) and as we spoke with the bartender, we learned that the Vegas Uncork’d event had taken over the bar a few nights ago as they were part of the scheduled fun. Being only a few months old at the time, I could just imagine what an enjoyable welcome that was. In that moment, I told my husband that if the Underground was in the event schedule for 2019, we were going. Another reason to pass up on a dinner option. I started following them on Instagram where they announce the password to get in should you decide to walk down the outside stair entry for an entertaining evening of jazz music, cocktails and shenanigans.

As part of the Bon Appetite co-hosted event, Vegas Uncork’d, I was excited to see what they would have in store for us this year. So, we waited to be allowed down the outside staircase to knock on the door, have the sliding peep hole opened and offer our password for the event. With wrist bands attached we walked in and enjoyed the sounds of jazz, occasionally with a modern twist as the musicians seemed to play the game of, are people really paying attention. There was a table filled with vegetables, charcuterie, cheeses and scrumptious items and then to deliver a little over the top love, delicious passed bites that moved around the room in well-oiled time as to not leave a person in need of food as the drinks generously continued to flow. They had a smaller drink menu for the event than the normal options, but a good highlight from what we had experienced the prior year. They also poured a tasting of the moonshine and flavored moonshines in the distillery area for people to try, but one should take note of why this stuff was called fire water and not over imbibe.

They appear to primarily keep their cocktail menu lively with drinks you could have made during the 1920s. Some of the cocktails enjoyed were similar to things I had loved previously with the right twists and some I had yet to discover. Giggle Water is a delicious blend of seasonal fruit infused vodka, lillet, bitters and sparkling wine which seems a twist off a French 75. Another cocktail that I visited is the Corpse Reviver #2 which was a blend of gin, curacao, lillet, lemon and absinthe, I could not help myself from following with another Giggle Water afterwards. My husband seemed to follow suit with one of the cocktails I can’t get enough of over the past year with the Underground Old Fashioned. The version that they make contains bourbon, vanilla bean, brown sugar and bitters. I snuck a sip or two and enjoyed the brown sugar add, nodding to the well-played cocktail crafters. Rock n Rye was my husband’s next cocktail and was served inside a book for that perfect touch of old school ambiance with rye whiskey, cherries, citrus, spices and rock candy making it the new school meets old school flavor of choice.

Naturally how could this be a proper part of the event without food so I will explain in photo the varied taste options that were provided. The primary, I can’t have enough of this item, was the salmon canapes, especially with the Giggle Water. Of course, I could not feel well about myself as a cheese lover if I let the mini brie en croute pass by me with raspberry and not partake of a few. A person must balance fabulous food in an effort to play well within one’s body full of cocktails. A fun bite was the Not Just Shrimp Cocktail with a shot of bloody Mary cocktail sauce that you squeezed in gently prior to eating. Gently so that you didn’t hose yourself with red sauce, after all, let’s not be too messy and spill everywhere creating a mob hit scene. Actually, thinking of it that way, I may have laughed if I “shot” myself with cocktail sauce. Another dish that seemed a great hit with attendees was the mini lamb chop with rum glaze, but by the time they passed around me, I was quite satiated.


After our first visit, but even more after our second, I tell everyone that is heading towards a Vegas get away that they should check out this lively tucked away bar and enjoy stepping back in time. It has become a must stop location whenever we have the chance to land in Las Vegas. Cheers to your next fabulous Vegas get away. Don’t forget that if you want to sneak off for Mother’s Day weekend, should they stay on that schedule, please check out Vegas Uncork’d and enjoy eating your way through town!

Bottoms up and I am planning to see you next year Vegas Uncork’d, you deliciously fabulous event!

Vegas Uncork’d 2019 Day 3 – Getting Baked for Brunch with Christina Tosi

Let them eat cake, but first let us enjoy a few glasses of champagne, Veuve Clicquot to be exact. After the relaxed and laughter filled time at last year’s brunch with Giada de Laurentiis, at her namesake restaurant in the Cromwell, which you can read more about HERE , the need to attend at least one brunch was a must. When I viewed that the 2019 schedule had an interactive brunch with Christina Tosi, I figured I would score some points with the husband by bringing the sweets! He is a sweet tooth kinda guy while I lean towards the savory side of life. So, whilst he could attack a box of chocolates, which I am no longer allowed to purchase such gifts for him, I rather pounce on the bag of chips…should we actually buy some. Any who, after watching how kind Christina Tosi was with the youth on Master Chef Junior, I decided this would be fun experience. For those that know me, I wasn’t going to pass on the idea of a champagne brunch either. Bubbles for everyone, I say.

We joined with friends we made from last year after checking out the Milk Bar location in The Cosmopolitan. Due to space needs, the Rose Rabbit Lie Restaurant was the host location for the truffle making event. I will need to check out the restaurant on a later date for sure. The event kicked off with a welcome class of Veuve Clicquot Brut then opened to a festive brunch array and spritz station. Move over mimosa, I prefer this champagne to sing solo in my glass, well, until I moved to cocktail lane later. We listened to a quick history of the Champagne House and traded notes with wine maker, Gaelle Goossens, on how we prefer our bubbles in a large Burgundy glass for optimal aromatics. I love to bury my nose is a big ole glass bowl, taking in the wine aromas almost more than drinking it at times.

The brunch space was lively and the food included some of the usual breakfast fare with stepped up ingredients plated in photo ready fashion.  Some of the dishes included chorizo hash and eggs; various charcuterie platers; smashed avocado toast with heirloom tomatoes, pea tendrils and California olive oil; bagels and lox with chive cream cheese and smoked salmon as well as other assortments of fruit, french toast and such. It was enjoyable to dine, mix and mingle fashion, before the doors opened and guests divided into teams to make cake truffles. I decided to join the lemon and strawberry table so that I could optimize some of my favorite champagne pairing flavors.











Christina Tosi provided a demonstration on how to make the cake truffles in a playful assembly line fashion, then Christina with her team, bounced around the room to assist and mingle. She was such a pleasure to engage in conversation with and she had such a fun open personality which truly made everything seem effortlessly enjoyable. Christina has this Tigger vibe that reminded everyone how creating in the kitchen is about playing and learning that mistakes can taste so good! I had a blast getting my hands (gloved hands here) dirty and rocking in our little team. After our creations all guests had the opportunity to travel around the room filling their truffle boxes with the other teams’ goods in any other flavors they desired.

The event concluded with milkshakes from the Milk Bar and a swag bag. Included was the Milk Bar All About Cake, cook book by Christina Tosi which had the cake truffle recipes we just worked on in its contents. Throughout the event Christina, graciously shared stories, signed cookbooks and aprons. We also received some cookies from the Milk Bar because, in Las Vegas you never know when you will need a quick snack. I know my husband was down for some cookie swag.

Since we had nothing else on the schedule until the evening, we lingered for a smidge longer than usual and shared our gratitude and said our good byes to our friends then decided to walk off brunch. We needed to get our goodies in our rooms refrigerator so after walking around a bit, back and forth to our hotel, people watching and last minute shopping we decided it was time to check out Eataly for an early dinner or snack really. We enjoyed watching a mozzarella making demonstration and fresh pasta being made in a few of the vendors around us. I felt that comfortable at home feeling with all the food and libations in our midst.









Last year our events seemed to focus more on dinners, while this year I decided on a bars and brunches theme, unintentionally, of course. No matter how you choose to mix and match the various events, I know I already have an idea how I may split it up next year, but when the schedule launches it can all change again. I must confess that eating around Las Vegas has really improved since I originally visited so many moons ago, but even in the last ten years it seems to be growing more fabulous bite by bite.

Cheers for now!

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