Wine Tasting Note Comedy

Sorry ya’ll, but I am laughing out loud at some old tasting notes and thought is appropriate to share. I will not share my photo or the winery name, but I know I do not want to try this wine again. LOL!!!

I will, however, share that this was a 2009 Mendocino Coast Chardonnay, from not going to tell you anyway. Tasting note reads:

“This chardonnay tasted pungent & acidic…funky nose. Not the good kind of funky. Aromas of asparagus pee & lemons turning past prime. Besides turning my stomach with the unpleasant lingering on my palate, this could be a headache creator for sure. Kindly, it just may be past prime. After letting this one breath…gasp, it needs some air damn it! The aromas open up to delicious lemon curd. Still overall unpleasant flavors. Two days later this wine had opened up with hints of caramel & lemon. Still not my style, but more palatable. As it opens up to a cool room temperature the palate balances out.”

I think that was a wine style #fail for me!