Vegas Uncork’d Day 3 Continued – Dinner at Guy Savoy

I knew that I wanted to check off at least one of the many Michelin Star restaurants from my list while attending Vegas Uncork’d and was excited to see a dinner option at Restaurant Guy Savoy. His sister restaurant in Paris with the same name received the World’s Best Restaurant in 2018 on La Liste while the Las Vegas restaurant has received two Michelin stars and the Wine Spectator Grand Award. I have had the pleasure of dining at other fabulous restaurants, including The French Laundry in Napa and l’Atelier de Joël Robuchon in Paris, as well as others. I tuck these little wish list restaurant experiences into my memory as fine treasures. It is an honor to observe the fine execution of food, wine, hospitality, flatware and the things that almost slip by unnoticed. One of these simple touches was that upon seating for dinner I was promptly provided a soft stool for my purse so it did not need to be hung from a chair or placed on the floor.

Playing with lively and graceful energy to set a lovely evening.

This restaurant is located in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and upon gazing at the regular tasting menu, I added that experience onto my to do list for another time. Guy Savoy greeted every guest that walked in and graciously allowed photographs before everyone was seated. The setting dazzled with white linens, romantic seating and the accompaniment of a violinist throughout the evening. The couple next to us engaged in conversation with us throughout the experience stating that they had attended the Vegas Uncork’d event for six years and never missed the opportunity to enjoy this dinner experience. The dinner was a part of the Master Series options and I recommend at least one from the series should you attend the event as they just seem to provide that extra touch of elevation. This year I will be attending a Master Series lunch at Nobu and I am curious to see if there is a differing feeling between the meal times. We were presented with an initial amuse bouche of foie gras on brioche with sea salt while I wet my palate with the initial glass of Champagne. My heart breaks a little knowing that I am unable to procure this dish in California currently, but that is why travel away is sweeter still.

As our first glass was alight with tiny bubbles dancing up the flute, my heart grew giddy with anticipation. Our first course was a delicate Shigoku Oyster Concasser paired with the Bruno Paillard, Premier Cuvee Brut. The flavors of light citrus with hints of almond paired well with the citrus granita and the oyster’s sweetness hinted with only a delicate touch of salinity.

The second course arrived with awe as the plate was beautifully adorned with one of my favorite flavors from the sea, lobster. The lobster salad with avocado, green apple and lobster vinaigrette was paired with a 2014 Domaine Jean-Marc Boillot Montagny Premier Cru. I enjoy how this Burgundian chardonnay mingled flavors of wet rock minerality, soft green apple and citrus with a buttery mouthfeel that complimented this lobster preparation perfectly.

Anyone that is close to me knows that I am among the few people of the world that is not the largest fan of eggs other than as a binder in recipes, so the next dish caught me by surprise. My mother once took the blame for my anti egg opinion stating that she may have over fed them to me as a child without enough variety. Personally, I just remember not liking anything about them as long as I can remember. Our third course contained a delicate little quail egg placed center stage, that pleasantly added a rich quality to the dish. Green asparagus with watercress, quail egg and osetra caviar was expertly paired with a 2014 Loimer Gruner Veltliner that had apple notes playing well with the asparagus while the acidity cut sweetly into the egg.

Our fourth course delighted my seafood loving palate yet again with sea bass. When a fish is cooked perfectly it almost glistens inside like in knows the hidden secret of restrained impressions. This course of wild Atlantic sea bass bouillabaisse with spring vegetables and natural jus was paired with a 2015 Chateau Carbonnieux Blanc that was a blend of approximately two thirds sauvignon blanc and one third semillon. I sipped the flavors of grapefruit with white rock hints that became the black keys on the piano from the perfectly white key dish.

By this mid-way point of our dining experience the restaurant had fully earned my trust. There was nothing I would not try that could be made here and everything, bite to sip, was gracefully harmonious, delivering bliss to my palate and excitement to my thoughts. This already became a top dining memory for me and I still had more to enjoy. As I write this my husband just came into my office, saw the picture of the dish above, pointed and said that was one of the best bites ever. Exactly why I created the term husby approved!

For me though, the next dish was the one to sing praises. I now understand how so many say this is a must try at both signature restaurants. The fifth course was the famous artichoke and black truffle soup with toasted mushroom brioche. I had to include a close up of the pastry because you can see the truffle and butter so intricately woven into each airy crevasse. I tip my hat as I bow to the flavors of this dish paired with the beautiful 2011 Evening Land Vineyards Côte de Nuits Villages. This pinot noir combined flavors of wild strawberries dusted with mineral driven earth on a bed perfect rouge hue. I have a fondness for an earth and red fruit driven pinot noir paired with mushrooms and truffles and this, in no measure, disappointed.

The sixth course was wealthy yet restrained enough to not add too much heft and begin to conclude the evenings dining experience. This course was guinea hen cooked in salt dough with spring vegetables and roasted jus. The salinity of the dish was wiped cleanly from the palate with the acidity of a beautiful syrah. The pairing of 2016 M. Chpoutier Petite Ruche was infused with black currents, red berries, hints of leather and dark brooding hues of purple that played well with the richer poultry flavors of the guinea hen. At this juncture I was satiated and floating on a flavor cloud in French bliss awaiting that visual surprise of the final course.

The final and seventh course yielded a dessert that was the perfect amount of sweet, but fruit driven to not end on a heavy cord. Upon the finale I noticed how the course progression was a well-orchestrated symphony of flavors blending perfectly together with no portions of the score hitting an incorrect note. Precisely rehearsed and executed with military precision from the kitchen arrived beautiful little hues of yellow that combined textures to ensure all points of your tongue danced in applause. The dish of l’exotique pineapple, mango and coconut variation was paired with a 2015 Barton & Guestier Passeport Sauternes which had complimentary flavors of honeyed apricots.

This is a Master Series dinner option this year as well and if you have yet to procure tickets I would run, not walk, with your fingers to:

This year we have chosen some cocktail and after-hours options. I can’t wait to update you upon my return. Happy Mother’s Day weekend from the lively Las Vegas.

Cheers and happy dining!