Vegas Uncork’d 2019 Day 3 – Getting Baked for Brunch with Christina Tosi

Let them eat cake, but first let us enjoy a few glasses of champagne, Veuve Clicquot to be exact. After the relaxed and laughter filled time at last year’s brunch with Giada de Laurentiis, at her namesake restaurant in the Cromwell, which you can read more about HERE , the need to attend at least one brunch was a must. When I viewed that the 2019 schedule had an interactive brunch with Christina Tosi, I figured I would score some points with the husband by bringing the sweets! He is a sweet tooth kinda guy while I lean towards the savory side of life. So, whilst he could attack a box of chocolates, which I am no longer allowed to purchase such gifts for him, I rather pounce on the bag of chips…should we actually buy some. Any who, after watching how kind Christina Tosi was with the youth on Master Chef Junior, I decided this would be fun experience. For those that know me, I wasn’t going to pass on the idea of a champagne brunch either. Bubbles for everyone, I say.

We joined with friends we made from last year after checking out the Milk Bar location in The Cosmopolitan. Due to space needs, the Rose Rabbit Lie Restaurant was the host location for the truffle making event. I will need to check out the restaurant on a later date for sure. The event kicked off with a welcome class of Veuve Clicquot Brut then opened to a festive brunch array and spritz station. Move over mimosa, I prefer this champagne to sing solo in my glass, well, until I moved to cocktail lane later. We listened to a quick history of the Champagne House and traded notes with wine maker, Gaelle Goossens, on how we prefer our bubbles in a large Burgundy glass for optimal aromatics. I love to bury my nose is a big ole glass bowl, taking in the wine aromas almost more than drinking it at times.

The brunch space was lively and the food included some of the usual breakfast fare with stepped up ingredients plated in photo ready fashion.  Some of the dishes included chorizo hash and eggs; various charcuterie platers; smashed avocado toast with heirloom tomatoes, pea tendrils and California olive oil; bagels and lox with chive cream cheese and smoked salmon as well as other assortments of fruit, french toast and such. It was enjoyable to dine, mix and mingle fashion, before the doors opened and guests divided into teams to make cake truffles. I decided to join the lemon and strawberry table so that I could optimize some of my favorite champagne pairing flavors.











Christina Tosi provided a demonstration on how to make the cake truffles in a playful assembly line fashion, then Christina with her team, bounced around the room to assist and mingle. She was such a pleasure to engage in conversation with and she had such a fun open personality which truly made everything seem effortlessly enjoyable. Christina has this Tigger vibe that reminded everyone how creating in the kitchen is about playing and learning that mistakes can taste so good! I had a blast getting my hands (gloved hands here) dirty and rocking in our little team. After our creations all guests had the opportunity to travel around the room filling their truffle boxes with the other teams’ goods in any other flavors they desired.

The event concluded with milkshakes from the Milk Bar and a swag bag. Included was the Milk Bar All About Cake, cook book by Christina Tosi which had the cake truffle recipes we just worked on in its contents. Throughout the event Christina, graciously shared stories, signed cookbooks and aprons. We also received some cookies from the Milk Bar because, in Las Vegas you never know when you will need a quick snack. I know my husband was down for some cookie swag.

Since we had nothing else on the schedule until the evening, we lingered for a smidge longer than usual and shared our gratitude and said our good byes to our friends then decided to walk off brunch. We needed to get our goodies in our rooms refrigerator so after walking around a bit, back and forth to our hotel, people watching and last minute shopping we decided it was time to check out Eataly for an early dinner or snack really. We enjoyed watching a mozzarella making demonstration and fresh pasta being made in a few of the vendors around us. I felt that comfortable at home feeling with all the food and libations in our midst.









Last year our events seemed to focus more on dinners, while this year I decided on a bars and brunches theme, unintentionally, of course. No matter how you choose to mix and match the various events, I know I already have an idea how I may split it up next year, but when the schedule launches it can all change again. I must confess that eating around Las Vegas has really improved since I originally visited so many moons ago, but even in the last ten years it seems to be growing more fabulous bite by bite.

Cheers for now!

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