Babic – Grocery Store find in Croatia

When I travel I am a big fan of hitting up the grocery store for goodies to enjoy during the down times and to see what is available to locals. This is a wine I grabbed blind, for random taste education. It had a beautiful ruby color in the glass.  This may be a poor example of the grape, as the first scent pounces on me like a city cat that was mangy.  Upon opening the aromas of wet tar come to mind and an astringent palate.
Always a lady…this wine shall be reacquainted after a chance to breath.
At 48 Kuna this wasn’t pricey…under 10 US. Finally with some air I found hints of white fleshed plumbs (sour and sweet) and forest fruits, as they say in Croatia. Forest fruits, aka blackberry with boysenberry hints peek through the glass with glee.  This is growing on me, but I will look for a better example in the future.
I also tried a Teran from Dešković that had a beautiful bramble berry nose and was a pleasant easy drinker. I fully enjoyed the red berry fruit and light, airy dance this plays still in my memory. Traveling through glass to memories keeps a journey alive.

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